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Monday, February 1, 2009

This isn't strictly SFT-related, but I thought it was worth sharing nonetheless. Back in November, amidst riding out a post-Thanksgiving stupor, I recorded this Brian Eno cover with Romans Building AKA Nicholas Perrin. Dig the audio for now; look for video in the near future.

In Saw Fist Tree news: deep in the heart of South Korea, Peterson has been wrapping up some final mixes for our forthcoming album. We hope to be able to share some fruits of that labor with you all soon. Much love.

Posted by: Matt W.

Golden Hours Brain One cover

Golden HoursGolden Hours

Saw Fist Tree Tour Diary from matthew walker on Vimeo.

Monday, January 18, 2010

This week, we dip into the tour diary archive for a sequence of stunning visual power. Nowhere else can you access exclusive, fly-on-the-wall-behind-the-scenes footage of our fascinating trek. Watch Saw Fist Tree drive. Watch Saw Fist Tree pass the time with free-association, rapping word games. Watch Saw Fist Tree drive some more. Stay tuned next week for the latest entry in Natalie Pantoja's SFT comic strip series as well as more never-before-heard audio. One love.

Posted by: Matt W.

Monday, January 11, 2010

This week, we present you with a semi-recently created music video for a vintage, pre-Saw Fist Tree classic from David. The footage documents my mother and cousin as they rekindle childhood memories on a pair of matching Wal-mart bikes in the backcountry roads of northeastern Lousiana in the summer of 09. All shot and edited by my amateur hand. Please enjoy!

Posted by: Matt W.

Bicycle from matthew walker on Vimeo.

The comic (below) is based on one sentence from a review of the Saw Fist Tree EP 1. This is Part 1. Part 5 was posted a few weeks ago. Check out the review here: Still Single Saw Fist Tree Review. Thanks a lot to Natalie Pantoja for the strip.

An illustration of a review Part one

Monday, January 4, 2010


Hello friends -- welcome to the new year. Hope everyone utilized David's drink recipes at your respective new year's eve parties. If anyone was actually adventurous enough to delve into this realm of exploratory cocktail concoctions and wants to send us a picture of them consuming such a beverage, we would love to post said image on the site. Direct the media to our email at sawfisttree at gmail dot com . The offer stands indefinitely...
In other news -- a few new Saw Fist Tree-related happenings have popped up on the web at large. We're thrilled and honored to say that the German blog Das Klenicum has listed us in their top EPs of 2009. Also, we have stumbled across a surveillance recording of the audience at our Brooklyn show at the Silent Barn. If you listen closely, you can hear our entire set playing out in the background (we come in about a third of the way through the recording, after the wonderful Zeke Virant). Highly recommended listening. It's a rather interesting site -- you can read the mission statement and philosophical intentions here. Stay tuned next week for the newest SFT comic installment from the lovely and talented Natalie Pantoja, as well as the first of several videos in a new series. Kisses!

Posted by: Matt W.

Monday, December 28, 2009

We hope that you have been enjoying the demos and live cuts. We will be adding even more songs here on the Saw Fist Tree website and also on the Saw Fist Tree myspace. In the meantime, here is a bit of foreshadowing to the upcoming Saw Fist Tree branding empire. Dave has worked up a few drink recipes (a way to pass the time between songs) and they are posted below. The music is free, but you will have to pay a few dollars for the Jack Daniel's/Saw Fist Tree Country Cocktails in stores next year.

for your drinking pleasures, I recommend the following recipes:
Prunetang: ounce or two of Bourbon, a splash each of Stoli Vanilli, Tuaca or Frangelico, prune juice and cream. Shake and strain.
Thom Crooze: ounce or two of Tequila, three ounces tamarind soda
more to come...

Posted by: Matt M. & Dave T.

Monday, December 21, 2009

So, happy holidays and much love to everyone. This week, we've got a few things for you to ponder, reflect upon, and absorb. First, yet another demo for the forthcoming album -- sung by me in this version, but fabulously crooned by Mr. Tarbell in the more densely arranged studio version. Stay tuned next week for a special holiday update in which David reveals some holiday cocktail recipes of his own invention, sure to put some crucial pizzazz in your upcoming New Year's Eve extravaganzas. Until next time...

Posted by: Matt W.

Pirouettes demo

PirouettesPirouettes Demo

The comic (below) is based on one sentence from a review of the Saw Fist Tree EP 1. Check out the review here: Still Single Saw Fist Tree Review. Thanks a lot to Natalie Pantoja for the strip.

An illustration of a review Part five
Dave and his finger

Monday, December 14, 2009

Here's a freshly-minted demo from David, setting a John Donne poem to some lovely music. In keeping with the Donne theme, we've also included another of his poems for your perusal and analysis.

Elegy VII: Nature’s lay idiot, I taught thee to love

Nature’s lay idiot, I taught thee to love, / And in that sophistry, oh, thou dost prove / Too subtle: Fool, thou didst not understand / The mystic language of the eye nor hand: / Nor couldst thou judge the difference of the air / Of sighs, and say, this lies, this sounds despair: / Nor by the’eye’s water call a malady / Desperately hot, or changing feverously. / I had not taught thee then, the alphabet / Of flowers, how they devicefully being set / And bound up, might with speechless secrecy / Deliver errands mutely, and mutually. / Remember since all thy words used to be / To every suitor, “I, ’if my friends agree”; / Since, household charms, thy husband’s name to teach, / Were all the love-tricks, that thy wit could reach; / And since, an hour’s discourse could scarce have made / One answer in thee, and that ill arrayed / In broken proverbs, and torn sentences. / Thou art not by so many duties his, / That from the’world’s common having severed thee, / Inlaid thee, neither to be seen, nor see, / As mine: who have with amorous delicacies / Refined thee’into a blissful paradise. / Thy graces and good words my creatures be; / I planted knowledge and life’s tree in thee, / Which oh, shall strangers taste? Must I alas / Frame and enamel plate, and drink in glass? / Chafe wax for others’ seals? break a colt’s force / And leave him then, being made a ready horse?

Posted by: Matt W.

My Heart Leaps Up demo

My Heart Leaps UpMy Heart Leaps Up
Grippin Grain

Monday, December 7, 2009

Diverging slightly from the beaten SFT path, we've upped one of my jazz tunes called The Porter Meets the Port. It's a live recording from 2004, with myself on guitar, Peterson on drums, Mark Bergen on piano, Brian Crist on bass, Chris Lee on alto sax, Jon Swann on bari sax, and John Wojciechowsky (of the Chicago Jazz Orchestra) on alto sax (also taking the solo). As mentioned in the previous post, we would later incorporate some melodies and chord changes from this chart into the live and studio versions of David's song Sit 'N Spin.

Posted by: Matt W.

The Porter Meets The Port live

The Porter Meets The PortThe Porter Meets The Port
You Can't Mop With This

Monday, November 30, 2009

Here's another demo previewing a tune off the new album. David showcases his internalization of the classic Paul Simon speak-singing technique (or is it the classic Schoenberg sprechstimme technique??), delivering some fascinating lyrics touching upon Coltrane, urination, and the Earth's axial rotations. The live (and later studio) version of this song interpolated elements of an old jazz tune of my called The Porter Meets The Port. Maybe we'll upload that sometime soon so you all can hear how the two merged. Until then...enjoy.

Posted by: Matt W.

Sit N Spin demo

Sit N SpinSit N Spin

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hi folks...hanging out in NY right now with Manager Macvey and Peter before he ships out to South Korea for an extended holiday. We've uploaded a demo of a song that will appear on the new album. A much slower take than what we ended up doing live and in the studio. And don't worry, you won't be subjected to my voice on the studio version -- Dave recorded a wonderfully sleazy vocal track with the help of some fantastic method singing including a dimly-lit room, a glass of bourbon, tinted aviators, and a peak-lapel velvet blazer...all at 10:00 a.m. Enjoy.

Posted by: Matt W.

If It All Works Out demo

If It All Works OutIf It All Works Out

Monday, November 9, 2009

Silent H sign

So we've all been a little bit distracted by a variety of significant changes in our personal lives over the past six weeks, including many changes of address, but here we are back with a couple of updates. We'd like to share with you a few songs from our tour. In NYC, we had the privilege of playing a short acoustic set in the courtyard of delicious Vietnamese restaurant Silent H - the direct inspiration for an identically titled Saw Fist Tree staple tune. We hope you enjoy the tracks -- both songs will soon be available as studio recordings on the forthcoming Saw Fist Tree album, currently being produced in Pennsylvania as I type. Stream the tracks individually or download both as a little bundle.

Silent H performed live at Silent H

Silent HSilent H

All That Is Mine performed live at Silent H

All That Is MineAll That Is Mine

Download both of the songs here: LIVE FUNZIP

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The tour came to a close a week or so ago. What a great time! Thanks so much to the audiences that supported us along the way. Also, SFT recorded a bunch of new stuff at the conclusion of the excursion. So, keep an ear out for that...

Cook St. meetup

Tour Diary Day Six

Joe's good night continued into day… meanwhile, the rest of us convened for lunch at Silent H- which restaurant, along with its proprietor Vinh Nguyen, forms the subject of singer Dave Tarbell's eponymous rock lament. The Whites (drummer Peterson Goodwyn's family) provided excellent company, while the banh mi and summer rolls made a delicious feast. We thank Vinh for his generosity with the whiskey and prosecco and, most of all, for his time. A small business owner, he paused during his lunch hour to hear us perform Silent H and other tunes during an acoustic set in his courtyard.

Our trio, replete with Hit Stix, moved inside to serenade a wedding rehearsal dinner [congratulations to Rafe and Katie] and witnessed some great toasts. We thank Nick Perrin, who delivered his guitar- via bicycle- from the Navy Yard to Williamsburg, and who recorded the recital. Keep your ears pealed for an upcoming EP, Live at Silent H (typically, the author disdains live recordings, but this is something else). Almost as an afterthought, we prepared for the main event, our concert at the Silent Barn. The venue situates itself in Ridgewood, half a block from Queens, and thus is something of an outpost of progress for Brooklyn's underground scenes. Zeke Virant warmed up the stage with his crooning and got us all dancing with How Much Corn Can You Put up Your Nose? In the stuffy space between the Barn's cartoon landscape walls, we played our tightest and fastest set of rockers to date, and left the rambling and rollicking Mr. Turner Cody to deal with the aching eardrums, and to dry all the sweat. The audience was a reunion of Wooster alumni, family and expatriate Cincinnatians, but we left room for other New Yorkers and certainly made some believers among them. Let us note our appreciation for the good people who inhabit the Silent Barn and run not-for-profit shows on a nightly basis. Some of our favorite musicians have played there, and we are honored to have done so, too. We concluded the night on the rooftop terrace of Chez MacVey, where we sat suspended in the skyline with overpriced beer and Seinfeld type chit chat.

Two hours before dawn, we lay four to a futon and tried to sleep.

S.F.T. rock Chicago

Tour Diary Day Seven thru Ten

Finagle Me a Pannini

We managed, after an hour's crawl through Chinatown, to wrest ourselves loose of New York's grasp. The return trip enjoyed the following highlights: Late lunch at a joint called Finagle's, where we conspiratorially asked our server if she could finagle us some coffee, or finagle me a pannini, and so on. They finagled and we ate and it was delicious. Understand that hunger is a key factor in the appreciation of one's meal.

Sometime late in the night commenced the alphabet memory game, I'm going to Grandma's House, a distraction which, in my experience, always seems to produce a memorable sequence of unlikely- to- be- associated words, from antiseptic, beer, calculator and dodecaphonic matrix, to x-ray, Yanni, and Zenobit Pendragon. So went the trip to Cincinnati, more or less.

Stuck to the Floor

Saw Fist Tree five enjoyed the fleeting company and everlasting hospitality of David's family before they headed to Chicago carrying the world's largest pancake, folded in half and filled with peanut butter and jelly. Six hours later we pulled into a Logan Square parking lot so Joe could pee on his feet as we decided on the Handle Bar for dinner. After driving past Ronny's a couple times (a hole in a wall doesn't exactly jump out at you), we spied the place and loaded in. Halfway across the floor I planted my foot in a very sticky spot on the linoleum and the sole of my Tom stayed just where I put it as my bare foot carried on. The bar served up a Manhattan using soured Vermouth. The proprietor (and sole employee) was evidently several sheets to the breeze and seemed non-plussed by the fact that his backroom was being used as a loud concert space. Yet, the pool was free, the P.A. cranked, and a competent soundman sat at the controls. The show was more of the same - surprisingly good turnout, decent set, and far too little time to catch up with the bevy of old, familiar faces. Much thanks to Evan, the dexterous drummer of Caw! Caw!, for securing the show for us, such as it was.

official tour van, official funs

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The tour car has rolled smoothly across the country with a few destinations remaining.

  • Sep 6 2009 9:00P Ronny's w/Caw! Caw! Logan's Square, Chicago, Illinois
    Time Out Chicago Post
  • Sep 8 2009 8:00P Club Garibaldi w/Red Stuff, The Vega Star Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tour Diary Days 1-3

Hot today, Joe got his period. 3 marathon days of practice at the SEEE ESSS THRR TEEN gallery. Introduced the Milwaukee contingent to classic cincinnati fare: goetta, graeter's, and skyline. Also, consumed massive amounts of delectable blackened tilapia tacos and a copious abundance of guacamole over the course of two days, courtesy of emily and stacy horning. Dined with studio tambourinist, Mr. Besl. Joe gets into an ugly altercation with a cop at UDF after asking, "so how many guys on the force get to drive the charger?" Sometimes people can't accept the reality of genuine friendliness and assume it must be a put on. Jackie cooks up a huge pot of dope Cincinnati chili. Matt meets his Aviatrix soulmate but we all crush pretty hard.

corps sur l'eau

Tour Diary Day Fo'

Headed out to Louisville. Took a walk along the Ohio river. Waded in dangerously hydrogenated pond. Proprietor of the venue had frizzy pigtails and the space housed parrots and a mean fish. Louisville fan-base pulled through in spades. Our host Adam portelli provided a late night course of sausage, egg noodles, and marinara after a few drinks at the Nachbar. Peter slept in the Tahoe due to his aversion to felines, a problem which has since proved to be a prevalent theme of the trip.

Tour Diary Day Five

Wednesday morning Peter made chocolate hazelnut oatmeal so tasty and sticky that a glob of it dropped on the hood of the Honda Fit and remained there all the way to Pennsylvania where Dave picked it off Thursday morning and ate it. We set up at Grammer's with the "assistance" of a sound man who said he'd rather be doing laundry, eating Indian food, perhaps slinging some dope, and definitely cleaning his apartment of the 30 odd cases of empty bottles accumulated there. His other set of tasks assumed precedence over the assembly of our sound equipment, a process further impeded by the venue's lack of a mixing board and weak power supply. So while he took off, Joe and Peter improvised a PA using 2 practice amps, one of which served as an ersatz mixing board. Despite clipped and distorted vox and disintegrating guitar tone, SFT rocked the show, which took place in the mulch covered footprint of a building destroyed by fire and illuminated by something of a light show (and here, thanks to the sound man).

this sidewalk rules. Matt, Pete, and Dave strut

Credits to Chris for the most squealing sax to date- it apparently drew a half dozen dogs to the venue. This show was an epic combination of all the saw fist tree bands to date, featuring mike pekel on dueling guitar and tom "buck nasty" buckley on a second drum set, making his entrance with an allusion to the seminal Phil Collins drum fill. Our man nick receives thanks for his generous pours at the bar. After a round of parfaits, vitamins and sleepytime tea, the band hit the road to NYC at 3 AM thursday morning. Matt competently ferried the sleepy boys six hours east until rumple strips woke him up from a brief nap and he resolved this: no more dreaming and driving. 6 hours later, with Peter at the helm, we arrived in the big apple to pay homage to Vanessa's Dumpling House and then to establish ourselves in bushwick. The gracious Matthew "Holmezzz" MacVey played host and the XYZ Affair generously donated drums and amps to our cause. The lovely Laila Lott and her friends organized a rooftop party at 315 siegel, where a couple scores of young adults gathered for beer, hotdogs and the music of Zeke Virant and saw fist tree. The evening was a reunion for old and distant friends; the performance of SFT mellow. The thirsty among us found satisfaction at King's County, and all had a good night's sleep (as for Joe, we'll just say he had a good night).

three men, one headband

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's a tour thing. Saw Fist Tree are on tour for a week or so. Come rock with us.

  • Sep 1 2009 8:00P Derby City Espresso w/The Parade Schedule, David Scott Louisville, Kentucky
  • Sep 2 2009 9:00P Grammer's w/The Happy Maladies Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Sep 3 2009 9:00P A Rooftop in Brooklyn w/Sam Buck Rosen & Zeke Virant Brooklyn, New York
  • Sep 4 2009 8:00P The Silent Barn w/Sam Buck Rosen & Zeke Virant, Turner Cody and his Band Ridgewood, Brooklyn, New York
    Sleep When Dead Post
  • Sep 5 2009 8:00P TBA Columbus, Ohio
  • Sep 6 2009 9:00P Ronny's w/Caw! Caw! Logan's Square, Chicago, Illinois
    Time Out Chicago Post
  • Sep 8 2009 8:00P Club Garibaldi w/Red Stuff, The Vega Star Milwaukee, Wisconsin

the band stretches out

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Forget the Midwest has stroked a few messages on the keyboard about Saw Fist Tree. See: forget the midwest

Beat the heat with The Cincinnati CityBeat Podcast. Number 17 features some live Saw Fist Tree music. The recording comes from an early July show at 1801 Mills. The sun set and our bony fingers played some music. CityBeat Podcast 17

New tones says it all. Das Klienicum wrote a short piece about the new music from Saw Fist Tree. And more songs are on the way. das klienicum neue tone saw fist tree
Eine Nachricht fur den deutschen Sprechern. Vielen Dank, dass Sie fur das Schreiben von E. uber uns. Auch ich bin froh, dass die Menschen immer noch zu horen Die Shaggs.